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NSRA's centre-fire (fullbore) target rifle program involves firing match rifles from the prone position at targets which are between 300 and 800 meters distant. The shots are fired one at a time and each shot is individually scored.

Centre fire target rifles usually fire .308 Winchester, .223 Remington or .303 British calibre cartridges; however, other calibers can be used in specific categories. These rifles are fitted with adjustable target sights and may be fitted with a shooting sling.

The targets have a circular aiming mark with inscribed scoring rings. The "bulls-eye" measures 1.8 minutes of angle at 300 meters. The value of each shot is indicated by the target marker to the shooter and scorekeeper.

This is a very challenging sport which stresses marksmanship skills, mental conditioning and the ability to interpret wind and light conditions. This style of shooting can lead a competitor to Bisley England for the NRA (UK) championships, to the Commonwealth Games or to the world long range championships which are also known as the Palma Matches.

NSRA hosts, or assists with, numerous Target Rifle matches conducted at the Bull Meadow range over the course of the summer. These matches are held mostly on weekends.

In recent years, a separate classification of shooting with telescopic sights, called "F-Class" has been included in Fullbore Target Rifle matches.  F-Class shooters and "TR" shooters shoot shoulder to shoulder with one another on the same DCRA targets.  Even though the scoring is different with the F-Class, "V-bulls" being half the diameter of the  Target Rifle "V-bulls"; and subsequent scoring rings smaller for F-Class. (i.e. The TR V-bull is the F Class Bull, the TR Bull is the F-Class 4 ring, and so on).  Most other procedures are the same. 

F-Class shooters have a separate set of awards and trophies from the TR shooters.  Within F-Class, there may be two categories, F-Open and F-Restricted.  There needs to be three or more competitors in a category for awards to be issued.  In the NSRA, F-Restricted is the more popular classification of F-Class, since the rifle rules align with Precision Rifle rules.  F-Restricted rules are:

o .223 Rem or .308 Win calibres, no limit on bullet weight

o Maximum rifle weight of 8.25kg, including bipod and all attachments

o Bipod front rest is permitted and included in the weight of the rifle (a bench-rest tripod is not permitted)

o A rear bag rest may be used

F-Open does not have calibre or weight restrictions.

For more information about Fullbore Target Rifle shooting, contact the Section Chairman.

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Plot Sheets for Downloading

ICFRA  Long Range F-Class Targets:

700m     800m       900m

DCRA & NSRA F-Class Targets:

300m     500m    600m     800m

300yds.   500yds.     600yds.

DCRA & NSRA Target Rifle Targets:

300m     500m    600m     800m

300yds.   500yds   600yds.

Note: The above pdf files donated by Tangent Theta Inc. are designed for ‘Rite-in-the-Rain’ waterproof loose leaf log sheets (2 log book sheets per page) and they must be printed with a laser printer and not an inkjet if using waterproof paper. 

Pre 2015  DCRA F-Class Plotting Sheets for download (Excel format) - donated by T.Ponee, use as is or change as you would like them.

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