NSRA Notices

The Historical Records for NSRA have been updated with 2018 results.

The 2019 program schedules are now posted on the Program page.

See here for the NSRA Range Key Policy

The lock to Bull Meadow Range was changed on Nov. 18, 2018.  For those members approved for keys, you can get your new key from the Range Booking Manager ($20 key charge).  You must read the Range Standing Orders and sign that you have done so and plan to follow them before getting a key.

When calling the pager to book Bull Meadow ranges, make sure you dial the full ten digits (902-498-7704) and leave your 10 digits.

A group of Smallbore Rifle Shooters have promoted the establishment of a website which will be dedicated to posting results of Smallbore Rifle matches held in Nova Scotia and advising potential competitors of upcoming matches by email. To be notified by email you must register with the site.

To register at the website go to: http://www.nssmallboreshooters.com/lists/?p=subscribe

All NSRA members who have e-mail addresses , please give them to the NSRA secretary: nsrifle@ns.sympatico.ca if you would like to be sent NSRA messages regarding changes in scheduled activities and other notifications posted between newsletters.

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