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The heart of any shooting organization is its ranges. NSRA is privileged to have it's own range complex, as well as access to military ranges.

Bull Meadow Range Complex (1751 Highway 354)  

[Map and Directions to Bull Meadow Range]

In 1989 NSRA began the process to acquire its own range facility. Today NSRA has its own range complex within a short drive of Halifax. NSRA has developed the Bull Meadow range complex on 1900 acres of land located 25.6 km. up the Beaver Bank Road (Route 354) from Lower Sackville, NS.  (see Google map)

This range complex has four ranges operational. These ranges have all been built to DND specifications. The four ranges now in use are:


Range Designation Maximum  Range Number of Shooting Positions Firearm Type
A Range 800 meters 7 Centre Fire Rifle
B Range 50 meters 20 Handgun and Rifle
C Range 100 meters 10 Handgun and Rifle
D Range n/a 3 Shotgun

All ranges at Bull Meadow are available for scheduled section or program activities. 

Experienced and qualified NSRA Members can book these ranges for shooting outside the scope of scheduled programs or activities if they meet certain conditions to have range booking and key privileges.  See NSRA Range Key Policy.

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